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My first Doberman

From the early childhood, I was dreaming about a dog of my own. For the long time my ideal dog was German Sheppard,which was very popular breed at those times.There were only few Dobermans in Latvia and you just couldn't see them on every corner of the street, but when I saw HIM, I immediately fell in love - proud dog with elegant carriage, ideal proportions, alert and noble. It happened in the 1987, and by the 1988 I had my own Doberman.It was not so easy to get Doberman in Latvia at those times - you had to join the Dog Friends Society, attend 10 lectures about training, caring, housing, growing, feeding etc., and wait... People were waiting from 2 to 3 years to get a Doberman. We were lucky - somebody gave up his right and we got ALICE. Alice was a nice Dob, all our family and all of our friends loved her. I trained her a lot, we passed all exams getting the highest grades, when suddenly she died in an accident,leaving deep scares in our hearts.


My next Doberman was male and he was absolutely different. Chegres was very obstinate, with strong character of a leader.After the nice and obedient Alice we were not fully prepared for this. It was very difficult to pass the first exam on obedience, really a competition about the leadership. However, we passed not only the obedience training, but also working and defense tests. After the last test, an instructor told me: "After this dog you will be able to handle everything,including predators,crocodiles and cattle!" Chegres had an excellent pedigree, good results on shows and working contests. He became a sire for many Latvian Dobs.


One of the best litters was from the mating with Josefine, a bitch from Moscow. Both had good bloodlines from Russia and Central Europe, including Bronco v. Zenn and Guys Hilo v. Norden Stam. We had a very good "B" litter:Brenton Cheiz Imidz,Bastinda Cheiz Imidz,Barros Cheiz Imidz,Berli Cheiz Imidz,Best Cheiz Imidz.
Dogs from this litter have many titles and prizes. 

Brenton Cheiz Imidz


Bastinda Cheiz Imidz

By then, we were already Doberman fans and started to think about breeding. Our next Dob was Simona. She was mated with Edie Royal Bell from Moscow. This dog was imported from famous kennel of Stefan Belko by Alexsey Nikitin, a friend of mine,owner of the kennel "Slavnaya Staya".

Simona Regbis Star

The litter was excellent, surpassing all our expectations. This "D" litter was the first one in our home, I shared thehappiness and responsibility of breeders with my wife Valya.

Djussi,Dinel,Dior,Dizan - they won many titles in Latvia and other Soviet Republics.

Dinel Simon dju Valur Imidz

Djussi Simon dju Valur Imidz

This litter was the main stimulus in my passion for Doberman breeding.

Doberman club Imidz.
Doberman club Imidzs was registered with the Latvian Kinological Federation in 1995. At this time Latvia was not yet a member of FCI and breeding was carried out by clubs, not kennels. The enthusiasts of club "Imidz" made large work for an improvement of the quality of the Dobermanns in Latvia.We successfully cooperated with many known breeders of other countries.

Specially I want told about Mr.Rozenberg, from the Dobermanns of "Zoosfera" we have the strong foundation of our breeding.The high professional and enthusiast Mr.Rozenberg helps us to the present moment.Thanks to him and I hope that our friendship will be prolonged.

Mr.Rozenberg and Y.Pekarski

The big authority to formation of our dobermanns as was rendered by Mr.Zwan,owner of kennel "v.Neerlands Stam". In 1995 he has visited Riga, where has read the lecture and judged our dobermanns on show.

And in 1996 Mr.Zwan has made to me a gift, he has offered us the daughter of two World Champions - Gr.Unita v.Neerlands Stam, which then I have offered take by one from our members - vice president of club "Imidz" - Mrs.Diana Kulina.

Mr.Zwan and Y.Pekarski

Gr.Unita v.Neerlands Stam

Gr.Unita was mated with Jivago v.h.Wantij. This litter has given us topping dogs - Multi Champions: Nuvai Nikol, Naomi Nalin, Nimrod Nero.Unfortunately Gr.Unita early died and I hope, that her genetical potential will be prolonged by her wonderfful daughters.

Members of club "Imidz"

We had up to 70 club members with 100 Dobermans. In this period, more than 30 litters were obtained. We participated in local, regional and international shows and had more than 50 champion titles. I would like to mention only few of the results:

  • 1996 - World Championship, Budapest, Reina Elsan Haus Imidz - 3rd place;
  • 1996 - IDC in Strasburg, Hadz Ceiz Imidz - 4th place; 
  • 1997 - DV, Apolda, Reina Elsan Haus Imidz - 2nd place, Rebekka Elsan Haus Imidz - 4th place;
  • 1998 - World Dog Show, Helsinki, Hassi Imidz of Avalanche - Junior World Winner, Best Junior, Harley Imidz of Avalanche - 5th place.
In 1997, the results of our dogs highly were estimated and club "Imidz" was entered into IDC.

The club was functional until the year 2000.

Later members of club "Imidz" was entered into Latvian Doberman Club. 

Kennel Imidz.
Kennel Imidz was registered in November 6, 1997, FCI No 27/98. Later members of Doberman club Imidz was incorporated in Latvian Doberman Club. This restructuring gave me more opportunity and time for my own dogs, kennel and breeding efforts. 

Y.Pekarski and dobs

For this moment in our kennel "Imidz" we have 25 tribal bitches.Some of them already had 1-2 litters and are confirmed as very good producers:
Ineja Pekarski Drei Haus, Infanta Pekarski Drei Haus, Sivana Lefer Imidz, Scarlet Lefer Imidz, Suzie Lefer Imidz, Alina Arlen Imidz etc. We expect them to have their future litters as good as previous ones.
We also pin one's hopes upon our young bitches, who are making carrer on Dog Shows and working-grounds: Imidz Doroteja Valjur Land, Imidz Dachenka Valjur Land, Imidz Carmella Drei Haus, Banga Banzana Revishar Imidz, Arlett Akvarel Drei Imidz, Anfisa Antuanetta Drei Imidz, Zaura Alegar Imidz, Zeja Zalora Alegar Imidz, Zella Zeola Alegar Imidz, Zana Zabella Alegar Imidz etc.
They have great tribal potential and posses all the qualities, that we want to consolidate in our dobermanns.

Y.Pekarski and puppies

Kennel "Imidz" - it's a very friendly group of adherents. Each of our bitches has it's own family and lives in civilized conditions. It's a house or spacious flat. None of our dogs is kept in cage or endosure. 

So our dogs sleep....:-)

In our kennel we have got both experienced dog-holders and the young ones, who acquinted a dog which is shared with kennel.

N.Alekseeva and Zan'Zibar Alegar Imidz


My duties are:

  • Help in growing up and in training our dogs.
  • Preparing for Dog Shows and Handling.
  • Dog's training BH, national obedience course, VDK, protection.
  • Producers selection.
  • Help with childbirth.
You can get a consultation about help and care of new-born puppies from my beloved wife Valentina Pekarskaja. She has a great experience in this sphere of activity and a huge amount of thankful letters from many different dog-holders which is a point in her favour.

Our house is situated near a pine forest in a health resort of Jurmala town. This is the place, where we all gather together to celebrate success, to analyse failure, here we train our young dogs, search new ways in dobermans breeding and look after our puppies.
Recently, I've finished a big annexe to the main house, now here's place for everyone! And you are always welcome here!

Place for dogs in a garden of family Y. & V.Pekarsky

We also have a branch of our kennel in Germany, where Dzintra Ezergaile works successfully with the breed.
Both of her bitches - Alina Arlen Imidz and Suzie Lefer Imidz passed SchH - II in Germany, and we have great expectations on their posterity from the Holland male Jivago v.h.Wantij!

Our branch of kennel "Imidz" in Germany

In 2001 year on IDC our kennel "Imidz" in competition of kennels was on 2-nd place.
Also Zeja Zalora Alegar Imidz was Ex.1 in open class of brown bitches, Zella Zeola Alegar Imidz was Ex.4 in open class of brown bitches, Zan'Zibar Alegar Imidz was Ex.3 in open class of brown males and our young Arlett Akvarel Drei Imidz was vg.4 in junior class of brown bitches.

Kennel " Imidz" on IDC'2001 - 2 nd place

In 2002 year on Wold Dog Show in Holland our Zeja Zalora Alegar Imidz was Ex.2 in open class.
On IDC'2002 in Italy our young Imidz Calif Drei Haus was VV1 and Speranza AIAD.

By that I want to finish my brief summary about our kennel.
How do we work?
It's under your judge!
Working criterions in every kennel - it's results!
Our results are published.

We are expecting your opinions, contacts and offers.

Sincerely yours, the owner of kennel "Imidz",
Yury Pekarsky.

My Doberman Family by N.Dreyer

Indi - The Founder.
When I was a child, we always had dogs in our family, or at least some other animals. It was no wonder I started to think about my own dog after the birth of our daughter. I was not very particular about the breed - I liked them all. It was pure chance that in the year 1991 I've got Indi - a Doberman girl.

When the breeder told me about her pedigree (Graf Gelios le Malin and Graf Guido v. 
Frankenhorst),I was not very impressed. 
Then I was totally ignorant in these questions, 
only later I've realized what a treasure I have had, besides in times, when it was
extremely difficult to carry out breeding outside the Soviet Union.

My eyes were opened by Yury Pekarski. It was in the 1993, at one of our first shows after the obedience training. We were walking with Indi around the rings when I spotted a man, who was closely following us.
It was Yury Pekarski and obviously, he was more interested in my dog, not in me. After looking into my dog's pedigree, Yury invited me to join Doberman club Imidzs and explained that I have a very promising bitch.

Indi had only few litters. The most successful mating was with Alfa Romeo, who was from Graaf Quinto v.Neerlands Stam and Nina v. Gronigerland. Alfa Romeo was big and strong dog, with excellent head, which he has passed down to all his progeny. He was not very much popular for breeding at those times, but later he became rather popular in former Soviet Union and made a remarkable input, improving Latvian Doberman population.


In June 1994 we had a very good litter from this mating , especialy bitches - Idel and Istella Drei Imidz.

Istella Drei Imidz

Brother of Istella - Istvud Drei Imidz

Our next success was mating Istella with Bronzo Bruno del Citone (Gamon di Campovalano x Zula Zema del Citone). From this liter we had good and promising brood bitches - Infanta, Ineja, Itaka and Indiana Pekarski Drei Haus. 

Istella, Bronzo Bruno,Y.Pekarski, K.Alen with wife and N.Dreyer

We have already some excellent litters from them and we hope to get more. One of the best was litter from Infanta and Astor del Citone. We had great puppies, which show a big potential.
The owners of our puppies are real Doberman fans, regularly participating in local and international shows showing excellent results. 

Indi is also still with us. She is 11 years old now and still full of energy, agility and she is keen on playing with her grandgrandchildren!


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